The Practical AWS IAM Guide

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If you use AWS, then you use AWS IAM.

Getting IAM working right is hard, and if you get it wrong you risk damaging your application and your reputation.

This book is the parts of IAM you need to know in one place.

What's in the book

  1. The core concepts of identity and access management
  2. How to navigate the AWS IAM service and its documentation with ease
  3. Securely sharing data in S3 buckets with different parties
  4. Crafting secure and efficient IAM policies using best practices
  5. Implementing least privilege access for your AWS resources
  6. Managing multiple AWS accounts and establish cross-account access
  7. Leveraging advanced IAM features like ABAC and permissions boundaries
  8. Integrating IAM with other AWS services for enhanced security
  9. Managing and securing legacy AWS environments
  10. Troubleshooting common IAM issues and avoid costly misconfigurations

Why this guide is different

The Practical AWS IAM Guide is not just another technical manual. It's a concise, practical, and hands-on resource that focuses on real-world scenarios and best practices. You'll find:

  • Clear explanations of IAM concepts and terminology
  • Detailed diagrams and visualizations to reinforce learning
  • Practical examples from real AWS environments
  • Tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls and security risks
  • References to official AWS documentation and helpful community resources

Whether you're a DevOps engineer, solutions architect, or security professional, this book will help you master IAM and take your AWS skills to the next level.

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The most concise and useful guide to IAM on AWS

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The Practical AWS IAM Guide

2 ratings
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